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Local Knowledge
Local KnowledgeRecent Incidents03 November 2023incidents
Great and Hidden Things
Great and Hidden ThingsEncouragement29 September 2023encouragement
Awareness vs. Senseless Death
Awareness vs. Senseless DeathRecent Incidents15 September 2023incidents
Slaying Anxiety
Slaying AnxietyEncouragement25 August 2023encouragement
Security Cameras: Wired vs. Wireless
Security Cameras: Wired vs. WirelessGear Reviews04 August 2023gear-reviews
God’s Timing
God’s TimingEncouragement21 July 2023encouragement
A Level 4 Comms Option
A Level 4 Comms OptionGear Reviews07 July 2023gear-reviews
Worn Weapons
Worn WeaponsEncouragement23 June 2023encouragement
Home Fire Extinguishers
Home Fire ExtinguishersRecent Incidents16 June 2023incidents
Digital Charge Reminder
Digital Charge ReminderLoadout Levels01 June 2023loadout-levels
Seasons of Growth
Seasons of GrowthEncouragement26 May 2023encouragement
Incident Response Outline
Incident Response OutlineSkills Development19 May 2023skills-development
The Wisdom of Being Ready
The Wisdom of Being ReadyEncouragement06 May 2023encouragement
Will Your Family Have Food?
Will Your Family Have Food?Mindset29 April 2023mindset
Please Pray for Sudan
Please Pray for SudanRecent Incidents21 April 2023incidents
The Downside of SA
The Downside of SASkills Development07 April 2023skills-development
Knowing God
Knowing GodEncouragement01 April 2023encouragement
Invest With Care
Invest With CareMindset25 March 2023mindset
Life in the Word
Life in the WordEncouragement18 March 2023encouragement
Garmin’s InReach Mini 2
Garmin’s InReach Mini 2Loadout Levels04 March 2023loadout-levels
Take Heart and Trust in God
Take Heart and Trust in GodEncouragement03 March 2023encouragement
The Second “O” of OODA
The Second “O” of OODASkills Development25 February 2023skills-development
The Prayers of God’s People
The Prayers of God’s PeopleEncouragement17 February 2023encouragement
Getting Organized
Getting OrganizedLoadout Levels11 February 2023loadout-levels
Keepers of the Faith
Keepers of the FaithEncouragement04 February 2023encouragement
TECC for Family Members
TECC for Family MembersSkills Development28 January 2023skills-development
And the Sun Stood Still
And the Sun Stood StillEncouragement21 January 2023encouragement
Emergency Medications
Emergency MedicationsDiscussions16 January 2023discussions
Decision Time
Decision TimeEncouragement07 January 2023encouragement
Infectious Disease: The Unseen Enemy
Infectious Disease: The Unseen EnemyRecent Incidents31 December 2022incidents
Good News of Great Joy
Good News of Great JoyEncouragement24 December 2022encouragement
Article Posting Update
Article Posting UpdatePanoplia Updates05 October 2022panoplia-updates
Our Hope is in Christ
Our Hope is in ChristEncouragement03 September 2022encouragement
Global Warning Signs
Global Warning SignsRecent Incidents31 August 2022incidents
Faith and Discouragement
Faith and DiscouragementEncouragement20 August 2022encouragement
Security and Vehicle Maintenance
Security and Vehicle MaintenanceSkills Development17 August 2022skills-development
What is Your Prayer?
What is Your Prayer?Encouragement12 August 2022encouragement
Obstacles vs. Objectives 2.0
Obstacles vs. Objectives 2.0Recent Incidents09 August 2022incidents
MotivesEncouragement06 August 2022encouragement
After 20 Years – A New Ride
After 20 Years – A New RideDiscussions03 August 2022discussions
Wrestling in Prayer
Wrestling in PrayerEncouragement29 July 2022encouragement
Digital Charge Reminder
Digital Charge ReminderLoadout Levels27 July 2022loadout-levels
A Life-Changing Mindset
A Life-Changing MindsetEncouragement23 July 2022encouragement
Honor, Permits, and Payments
Honor, Permits, and PaymentsRecent Incidents20 July 2022incidents
To Fish or to Follow?
To Fish or to Follow?Encouragement16 July 2022encouragement
China: A Localized Banking Crisis
China: A Localized Banking CrisisDiscussions13 July 2022discussions
To Delight in God’s Will
To Delight in God’s WillEncouragement02 July 2022encouragement
Training for Times of Unrest
Training for Times of UnrestSkills Development28 June 2022skills-development
Freedom in Christ
Freedom in ChristEncouragement24 June 2022encouragement
Emergency Contact Protocols
Emergency Contact ProtocolsRecent Incidents15 June 2022incidents
The Skills to Accomplish God’s Will
The Skills to Accomplish God’s WillEncouragement11 June 2022encouragement
Culture and Active Shooters
Culture and Active ShootersDiscussions08 June 2022discussions
Security and Wisdom
Security and WisdomEncouragement04 June 2022encouragement
Active Shooter Response
Active Shooter ResponseSkills Development31 May 2022skills-development
Will You Know Mourning or Joy?
Will You Know Mourning or Joy?Encouragement28 May 2022encouragement
Backup Power Upgrade
Backup Power UpgradeDiscussions18 May 2022discussions
Hope in Darkness
Hope in DarknessEncouragement14 May 2022encouragement
Nutristore Product Review
Nutristore Product ReviewGear Reviews11 May 2022gear-reviews
Music and the Soul
Music and the SoulEncouragement07 May 2022encouragement
22 Long Rifle Nostalgia
22 Long Rifle NostalgiaDiscussions03 May 2022discussions
The Work of Our Hands
The Work of Our HandsEncouragement29 April 2022encouragement
Children and Security
Children and SecurityDiscussions27 April 2022discussions
Standards are Critical
Standards are CriticalEncouragement23 April 2022encouragement
Consumer Drones in Conflict
Consumer Drones in ConflictRecent Incidents13 April 2022incidents
The Horror of War & Glory of Freedom
The Horror of War & Glory of FreedomEncouragement09 April 2022encouragement
Klarus Flashlight Review
Klarus Flashlight ReviewGear Reviews06 April 2022gear-reviews
The God of Endurance
The God of EnduranceEncouragement01 April 2022encouragement
Digital Charge Reminder
Digital Charge ReminderLoadout Levels30 March 2022loadout-levels
God Working Behind the Scenes
God Working Behind the ScenesEncouragement26 March 2022encouragement
Challenges Ahead
Challenges AheadDiscussions23 March 2022discussions
Prayer as Warfare
Prayer as WarfareEncouragement18 March 2022encouragement
Pre-Crisis Relationships
Pre-Crisis RelationshipsSkills Development16 March 2022skills-development
Unmasking Evil - 2.0
Unmasking Evil – 2.0Encouragement04 March 2022encouragement
Lessons from Ukraine
Lessons from UkraineRecent Incidents02 March 2022incidents
Praying for Ukrainians
Praying for UkrainiansEncouragement25 February 2022encouragement
Loadout Level 02 Bag Update
Loadout Level 02 Bag UpdateLoadout Levels23 February 2022loadout-levels
As the End Draws Near – Part Three
As the End Draws Near – Part ThreeEncouragement19 February 2022encouragement
The Call No One Wants
The Call No One WantsRecent Incidents16 February 2022incidents
As the End Draws Near – Part Two
As the End Draws Near – Part TwoEncouragement12 February 2022encouragement
Gun Cleaning Products
Gun Cleaning ProductsDiscussions02 February 2022discussions
As the End Draws Near – Part One
As the End Draws Near – Part OneEncouragement29 January 2022encouragement
SHOT SHOW and Marketing
SHOT SHOW and MarketingDiscussions26 January 2022discussions
The Power of Giving Thanks
The Power of Giving ThanksEncouragement22 January 2022encouragement
Perimeter Alarm “Attack”
Perimeter Alarm “Attack”Gear Reviews19 January 2022gear-reviews
Walking with God vs. Just Living
Walking with God vs. Just LivingEncouragement14 January 2022encouragement
Losing Contact
Losing ContactRecent Incidents12 January 2022incidents
Keeping the Faith
Keeping the FaithEncouragement08 January 2022encouragement
A Tale of Two Realities
A Tale of Two RealitiesMindset05 January 2022mindset
2022 – I AM NOT AFRAID – IANAEncouragement01 January 2022encouragement
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Panoplia Updates22 December 2021panoplia-updates
The User Guide for 2022
The User Guide for 2022Encouragement17 December 2021encouragement
Expanding Situational Awareness
Expanding Situational AwarenessSkills Development15 December 2021skills-development
The Light of the World
The Light of the WorldEncouragement11 December 2021encouragement
Superpowers for 2022
Superpowers for 2022Mindset08 December 2021mindset
Fullness of Joy
Fullness of JoyEncouragement04 December 2021encouragement
Portable Water Filters
Portable Water FiltersGear Reviews01 December 2021gear-reviews
Search and Destroy
Search and DestroyEncouragement27 November 2021encouragement
Brunton 7x18 Monocular
Brunton 7×18 MonocularGear Reviews24 November 2021gear-reviews
The Ancient Paths
The Ancient PathsEncouragement19 November 2021encouragement
Digital Road Flares
Digital Road FlaresGear Reviews17 November 2021gear-reviews
A Secret Place
A Secret PlaceEncouragement12 November 2021encouragement
Digital Overwatch
Digital OverwatchRecent Incidents09 November 2021incidents
Overcoming Despair
Overcoming DespairEncouragement23 October 2021encouragement
Preparation and Inflation
Preparation and InflationDiscussions13 October 2021discussions
Spiritual Awareness – Are You Awake?
Spiritual Awareness – Are You Awake?Encouragement09 October 2021encouragement
Government Control Unmasked
Government Control UnmaskedDiscussions29 September 2021discussions
The Arena – Part Three
The Arena – Part ThreeEncouragement25 September 2021encouragement
Digital Charge Reminder
Digital Charge ReminderLoadout Levels22 September 2021loadout-levels
The Arena – Part Two
The Arena – Part TwoEncouragement18 September 2021encouragement
Your Gear in Their Hands
Your Gear in Their HandsDiscussions15 September 2021discussions
The Arena – Part One
The Arena – Part OneEncouragement04 September 2021encouragement
Loadout Level 3B (LL-3B) 2021 Update
Loadout Level 3B (LL-3B) 2021 UpdateLoadout Levels01 September 2021loadout-levels
Spiritual Prepping
Spiritual PreppingEncouragement28 August 2021encouragement
Learning from Disasters
Learning from DisastersDiscussions18 August 2021discussions
Trusting God in Prayer
Trusting God in PrayerEncouragement14 August 2021encouragement
Abundance vs. Making Do
Abundance vs. Making DoMindset11 August 2021mindset
Taking the Bait
Taking the BaitEncouragement07 August 2021encouragement
Base-Monitored Movements
Base-Monitored MovementsSkills Development04 August 2021skills-development
Test Everything
Test EverythingEncouragement31 July 2021encouragement
SMGs: Where do You Fit?
SMGs: Where do You Fit?Skills Development28 July 2021skills-development
Grace and Peace
Grace and PeaceEncouragement24 July 2021encouragement
A Love of Learning
A Love of LearningSkills Development14 July 2021skills-development
Spiritual Vigilance
Spiritual VigilanceEncouragement10 July 2021encouragement
Beartooth Off-Grid Comms Test
Beartooth Off-Grid Comms TestGear Reviews07 July 2021gear-reviews
To Whom Have You Pledged Your Sword?
To Whom Have You Pledged Your Sword?Encouragement03 July 2021encouragement
Obstacles vs. Objectives
Obstacles vs. ObjectivesMindset30 June 2021mindset
One Seed
One SeedEncouragement26 June 2021encouragement Update – 18 Months In Update – 18 Months InPanoplia Updates23 June 2021panoplia-updates
Prayer and Gratitude
Prayer and GratitudeEncouragement19 June 2021encouragement
9mm Blank Pistol Review
9mm Blank Pistol ReviewGear Reviews16 June 2021gear-reviews
Opportunities Missed
Opportunities MissedEncouragement05 June 2021encouragement
Emergency Food/Water Update
Emergency Food/Water UpdateLoadout Levels02 June 2021loadout-levels
Steps of Faith
Steps of FaithEncouragement29 May 2021encouragement
Local Knowledge
Local KnowledgeRecent Incidents26 May 2021incidents
Sin and Distance
Sin and DistanceEncouragement22 May 2021encouragement
The Wisdom of Redundancy
The Wisdom of RedundancySkills Development19 May 2021skills-development
How do You Rest and Relax?
How do You Rest and Relax?Encouragement15 May 2021encouragement
Perimeter Alarm – One Year Review
Perimeter Alarm – One Year ReviewGear Reviews12 May 2021gear-reviews
What’s Love Mean to You?
What’s Love Mean to You?Encouragement08 May 2021encouragement
When Reality Strikes
When Reality StrikesRecent Incidents05 May 2021incidents
UnmixedEncouragement01 May 2021encouragement
Care for Your Spare
Care for Your SpareSkills Development14 April 2021skills-development
A Light to Our Path
A Light to Our PathEncouragement10 April 2021encouragement
Organized 02: Digital Coma
Organized 02: Digital ComaMindset07 April 2021mindset
Life’s Priorities
Life’s PrioritiesEncouragement03 April 2021encouragement
Organized 01: A Place for Everything
Organized 01: A Place for EverythingMindset31 March 2021mindset
Chemical and Spiritual Reactions
Chemical and Spiritual ReactionsEncouragement27 March 2021encouragement
Tactical Trends: Magnetic IEDs
Tactical Trends: Magnetic IEDsRecent Incidents24 March 2021incidents
A Quiet Soul in a World of Outrage
A Quiet Soul in a World of OutrageEncouragement20 March 2021encouragement
Water: Essential to Life
Water: Essential to LifeMindset17 March 2021mindset
The Nations Rage
The Nations RageEncouragement13 March 2021encouragement
Identity and Crisis
Identity and CrisisRecent Incidents10 March 2021incidents
Watchful in Prayer
Watchful in PrayerEncouragement06 March 2021encouragement
Balance is Critical
Balance is CriticalMindset03 March 2021mindset
The Privilege of Relational Prayer
The Privilege of Relational PrayerEncouragement27 February 2021encouragement
Night Vision and Signaling
Night Vision and SignalingGear Reviews24 February 2021gear-reviews
Opposing the Current
Opposing the CurrentEncouragement13 February 2021encouragement
Ryobi Air: Back on the Road Fast
Ryobi Air: Back on the Road FastGear Reviews10 February 2021gear-reviews
Overcoming Anxiety
Overcoming AnxietyEncouragement06 February 2021encouragement
Communications in Crisis
Communications in CrisisRecent Incidents03 February 2021incidents
Longing for Home
Longing for HomeEncouragement30 January 2021encouragement
Disabling Vehicles
Disabling VehiclesSkills Development27 January 2021skills-development
On Being Clearly Led
On Being Clearly LedEncouragement23 January 2021encouragement
Social Media: Who’s Using Whom?
Social Media: Who’s Using Whom?Skills Development20 January 2021skills-development
A Call to Prayer
A Call to PrayerEncouragement16 January 2021encouragement
A Sleeping Giant Awakens
A Sleeping Giant AwakensDiscussions13 January 2021discussions
Hope and Encouragement
Hope and EncouragementEncouragement09 January 2021encouragement
Active Shooters or Shots Fired
Active Shooters or Shots FiredSkills Development06 January 2021skills-development
Spiritual Complacency
Spiritual ComplacencyEncouragement02 January 2021encouragement
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Encouragement24 December 2020encouragement
Cultural Insights
Cultural InsightsSkills Development23 December 2020skills-development
Direction, Devotion, and Destination
Direction, Devotion, and DestinationEncouragement19 December 2020encouragement
Tried and Tested Footwear
Tried and Tested FootwearGear Reviews16 December 2020gear-reviews
Discovering Order
Discovering OrderEncouragement12 December 2020encouragement
Context Camera Pro App
Context Camera Pro AppGear Reviews09 December 2020gear-reviews
May it be a Well-worn Path
May it be a Well-worn PathEncouragement05 December 2020encouragement
Offline Navigation
Offline NavigationSkills Development02 December 2020skills-development
Numbering Our Days
Numbering Our DaysEncouragement28 November 2020encouragement
Recent Interrogations Overseas
Recent Interrogations OverseasRecent Incidents25 November 2020incidents
Things that Last
Things that LastEncouragement21 November 2020encouragement
Consumer Drones as EODs
Consumer Drones as EODsDiscussions18 November 2020discussions
Be still, and know that I am God
Be still, and know that I am GodEncouragement14 November 2020encouragement
Grid-Down Oven Cooking
Grid-Down Oven CookingGear Reviews11 November 2020gear-reviews
Psalm 37
Psalm 37Encouragement31 October 2020encouragement
Higher Volume Water Filtration
Higher Volume Water FiltrationGear Reviews28 October 2020gear-reviews
Romans 12:12
Romans 12:12Encouragement24 October 2020encouragement
Contingency Challenge
Contingency ChallengeSkills Development21 October 2020skills-development
High Value Targets
High Value TargetsEncouragement17 October 2020encouragement
On Being Prepared
On Being PreparedMindset14 October 2020mindset
Election 2020: What if We Lose?
Election 2020: What if We Lose?Encouragement10 October 2020encouragement
Signal-Blocking Faraday Bags
Signal-Blocking Faraday BagsGear Reviews07 October 2020gear-reviews
Our Strength and Joy
Our Strength and JoyEncouragement03 October 2020encouragement
Security and Knowing the “Other”
Security and Knowing the “Other”Skills Development30 September 2020skills-development
Praying for Enemies
Praying for EnemiesEncouragement26 September 2020encouragement
The Evolution of Surveillance
The Evolution of SurveillanceDiscussions23 September 2020discussions
Praying for Your Children
Praying for Your ChildrenEncouragement19 September 2020encouragement
Children and Security
Children and SecurityDiscussions16 September 2020discussions
Rebellious at Heart
Rebellious at HeartEncouragement12 September 2020encouragement
They’ll be Voting, Will you?
They’ll be Voting, Will you?Mindset09 September 2020mindset
On Being Faithful
On Being FaithfulEncouragement05 September 2020encouragement
Identity and Backstopping
Identity and BackstoppingSkills Development02 September 2020skills-development
Things Above
Things AboveEncouragement29 August 2020encouragement
Loadout Level 3B (LL-3B) Update
Loadout Level 3B (LL-3B) UpdateLoadout Levels26 August 2020loadout-levels
Staying on the Path
Staying on the PathEncouragement22 August 2020encouragement
Checkpoints vs. Ambushes
Checkpoints vs. AmbushesSkills Development19 August 2020skills-development
The Fruit of God’s Presence
The Fruit of God’s PresenceEncouragement15 August 2020encouragement
Powering Off-Grid Comms – Part Two
Powering Off-Grid Comms – Part TwoGear Reviews12 August 2020gear-reviews
What Would You Ask For?
What Would You Ask For?Encouragement08 August 2020encouragement
Powering Off-Grid Comms – Part One
Powering Off-Grid Comms – Part OneGear Reviews05 August 2020gear-reviews
Supernatural Peace
Supernatural PeaceEncouragement01 August 2020encouragement
Communications Redundancy
Communications RedundancySkills Development29 July 2020skills-development
Degrees of Faith
Degrees of FaithEncouragement25 July 2020encouragement
See it Coming
See it ComingDiscussions22 July 2020discussions
Staying Connected
Staying ConnectedEncouragement18 July 2020encouragement
Edged Weapons Defense
Edged Weapons DefenseSkills Development15 July 2020skills-development
Be of Good Cheer
Be of Good CheerEncouragement11 July 2020encouragement
Goal Zero Lighthouse 400
Goal Zero Lighthouse 400Gear Reviews08 July 2020gear-reviews
ContrastsEncouragement04 July 2020encouragement Update – Six Months In Update – Six Months InPanoplia Updates01 July 2020panoplia-updates
Trust in the Lord
Trust in the LordEncouragement27 June 2020encouragement
Why Soft Skills and Tactics?
Why Soft Skills and Tactics?Discussions24 June 2020discussions
Washed by the Word
Washed by the WordEncouragement20 June 2020encouragement
NOCO Boost Lithium Jump Starter
NOCO Boost Lithium Jump StarterGear Reviews17 June 2020gear-reviews
Quiet Reflection
Quiet ReflectionEncouragement13 June 2020encouragement
Actor Mapping
Actor MappingSkills Development10 June 2020skills-development
Authentic Transformation
Authentic TransformationEncouragement06 June 2020encouragement
No Greater System
No Greater SystemDiscussions03 June 2020discussions
Looking to God
Looking to GodEncouragement30 May 2020encouragement
Risk Assessment/Contingency Planning
Risk Assessment/Contingency PlanningSkills Development27 May 2020skills-development
What do You Value, and Why?
What do You Value, and Why?Encouragement23 May 2020encouragement
Quality Matters
Quality MattersDiscussions20 May 2020discussions
Unmasking Evil
Unmasking EvilEncouragement16 May 2020encouragement
Notes: An Unexpected Tactical Tool
Notes: An Unexpected Tactical ToolSkills Development13 May 2020skills-development
No Greater Privilege
No Greater PrivilegeEncouragement09 May 2020encouragement
Land of the Free…
Land of the Free…Discussions06 May 2020discussions
In Control
In ControlEncouragement02 May 2020encouragement
PerseveranceMindset29 April 2020mindset
Three-Dimensional Warriors
Three-Dimensional WarriorsEncouragement25 April 2020encouragement
Covert Hardening
Covert HardeningDiscussions22 April 2020discussions
Harnessing Time
Harnessing TimeEncouragement18 April 2020encouragement
3,200 Lumens – When You Need It
3,200 Lumens – When You Need ItGear Reviews15 April 2020gear-reviews
Confidence vs. Arrogance
Confidence vs. ArroganceEncouragement11 April 2020encouragement
This is a Hill I Need to Take
This is a Hill I Need to TakeMindset08 April 2020mindset
More Than Coincidence
More Than CoincidenceEncouragement04 April 2020encouragement
Kidnapping: West Africa
Kidnapping: West AfricaRecent Incidents01 April 2020incidents
Stop and Think
Stop and ThinkEncouragement28 March 2020encouragement
Effective Leadership
Effective LeadershipSkills Development25 March 2020skills-development
Looking Back
Looking BackEncouragement21 March 2020encouragement
A Time for Courage
A Time for CourageDiscussions18 March 2020discussions
Choose Joy
Choose JoyEncouragement14 March 2020encouragement
SST Course Now Available Online
SST Course Now Available OnlinePanoplia Updates11 March 2020panoplia-updates
Fear and Faith
Fear and FaithEncouragement07 March 2020encouragement
Resqme Glass Breaker/Seatbelt Cutter
Resqme Glass Breaker/Seatbelt CutterGear Reviews04 March 2020gear-reviews
The Lost Art of Waiting
The Lost Art of WaitingEncouragement29 February 2020encouragement
Is Anyone Else Feeling Overwhelmed?
Is Anyone Else Feeling Overwhelmed?Mindset26 February 2020mindset
In Whom do You Trust?
In Whom do You Trust?Encouragement22 February 2020encouragement
Evacuation and MPG
Evacuation and MPGDiscussions19 February 2020discussions
Christ the Warrior King
Christ the Warrior KingEncouragement15 February 2020encouragement
Interrogation: Lessons Learned
Interrogation: Lessons LearnedSkills Development12 February 2020skills-development
Hope in the Midst of Storms
Hope in the Midst of StormsEncouragement08 February 2020encouragement
Preparation or Panic
Preparation or PanicMindset05 February 2020mindset
Purpose and Legacy
Purpose and LegacyEncouragement01 February 2020encouragement
Quality Optics When You Need Them
Quality Optics When You Need ThemGear Reviews29 January 2020gear-reviews
Why is Life so Difficult?
Why is Life so Difficult?Encouragement25 January 2020encouragement
Open Channel Location Sharing
Open Channel Location SharingSkills Development22 January 2020skills-development
Purpose and Meaning
Purpose and MeaningEncouragement18 January 2020encouragement
High-Speed Car Chase: Middle East
High-Speed Car Chase: Middle EastRecent Incidents15 January 2020incidents
In Pursuit of Peace
In Pursuit of PeaceEncouragement11 January 2020encouragement
The Garmin InReach
The Garmin InReachGear Reviews08 January 2020gear-reviews
An Eternal Perspective
An Eternal PerspectiveEncouragement04 January 2020encouragement
The Firebase Mindset
The Firebase MindsetInterviews01 January 2020interviews

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