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by | 01 June 2023 | Loadout Levels

If you’re like us, you have digital and electronic security gear stashed across your loadout levels. These amazing items facilitate communications, light up the night, serve as force-multipliers, etc. We use some of these items on a daily basis, and so recharge them regularly.

A good number of these devices are not used regularly. They sit waiting in one loadout level or another in case of emergency. The problem is, without periodic charging these items are of limited or no use when needed. It’s never a good feeling to find that the item you were depending on to serve in a crisis situation is at 0% charge.

For years we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping our digital and electronic security gear charged. In early 2021, however, I found that the flashlight pictured above, which sits within one of our chest rigs, was uncharged. It had entered so deeply into a digital coma that we had to charge it for a while simply to see any signs of it being useful.

Learning from this mistake, we developed a list of our devices and where they are located. We now charge these once every four months as follows: February 1st, June 1st, and October 1st. We encourage you to establish a similar schedule.

The purpose of this post is to remind those who follow the same schedule that we do to charge all their digital items on June 01, 2023.


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