Imagine trying to navigate in an area where there are no set boundaries or standards of measurement. In a similar way, it’s difficult for those who were trained to honor traditional values to chart a course in a world where anything goes. In such an environment it’s helpful to know who you are and who you can trust. Two values at the core of the community are integrity and respect.

Integrity is a personal choice to adhere to a set of moral and ethical principles and standards. It includes being who you say you are, and doing what you say you’ll do. Anyone who participates in is expected to act in accordance with the highest degree of integrity. In practical terms this means we commit to being honest and having no hidden agendas. At, we operate in a simple and transparent manner.

The word respect has a number of connotations. In the context of those who participate are expected to show consideration for others. In practice this means putting the needs of others before your own. This includes those who may not hold the same set of beliefs, values, backgrounds, or experiences.

Our hope and expectation is that everyone who chooses to join the community will benefit greatly from their participation.


Both Danny and Jay travel extensively in their full-time roles and to lead onsite training courses. Other commitments notwithstanding, since postings are a core component of we will do our best to publish articles on a regular basis.

We hope you enjoy the postings, and encourage you to offer comments that help sharpen our skills.

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