You may be wondering how you can join the community. Anyone is welcome to participate by following the latest posts. Only Registered Members, however, have authorization to View and Submit comments to the posts. This is how members of the community share their knowledge and insights with one another.

You can become a member of by taking the online training course called Soft Skills and Tactics (SST). This core course was developed to ensure that member participation in the Community is based on common knowledge and terminology.

We offer the SST course at a very reasonable rate. This one-time fee also helps ensure that we have the resources to keep up and running. There are no ongoing fees, dues, or other costs involved in membership. The SST course outline can be viewed on the Key Concepts page.

Pricing and Purpose

As noted above, becoming a member of the community involves completing the SST course. Deciding on a price for this course, and thus membership, is not easy. This nine-hour course represents years of first-hand experience, offers insights that are not available elsewhere, and includes numerous downloadable resources. Membership also includes ongoing access to weekly posts and discussions intended to sharpen a member’s knowledge and skills.

Given the value represented in the SST course and membership in the community, specialists recommend a price of $250 for the SST course fee. We’re offering the SST course for a limited time at more than an 80% discount as we seek to build the community that was launched in January 2020.

OTHER Online Courses

A variety of other online courses are in the planning or development stages. Some will be offered at no cost and others at a nominal fee. These are completely optional and are available to anyone who has an interest. As new courses are developed they will be available on the Online Course link.


Danny, Jay, and a number of others are involved in training several hundred individuals a year at various onsite locations. These courses are not open to the public at this time. We hope to eventually set up a purpose-built security training center and make courses available to more participants.

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