At this point you may be wondering how you can join the community. There are no fees, dues, or costs required. We encourage you to fully participate on a regular basis by reading the latest posts and commenting when you have something to offer.

We ask that you consider taking the online training course called, “Soft Skills and Tactics.” The SST course was developed to ensure that participation in the community is based on common knowledge and terminology. We offer this course at a very reasonable rate. This nominal fee helps ensure that we have the resources to keep up and running. The SST course outline can be viewed on the Key Concepts page.

We consider anyone who completes the online SST course and who regularly visits the site to be a member of the community.

OTHER Online Courses

A variety of online courses are available to anyone who has an interest. Please see the Online Courses link in the top navigation bar. Some are offered at no cost, and others at a nominal fee. Once you register for a course you can revisit it as long as it remains online, even if it’s updated. New course offerings will be added as they are developed.


Roughly 500 individuals a year attend onsite security training courses offered by FirebaseCSG. The courses are currently held at a variety of locations. The onsite courses include:

Law Enforcement
  • Covert Counter-Terrorism Operations
  • Advanced SWAT Team Training
  • Field Security Training
  • Advanced Rifle
  • Advanced Pistol

Plans are in the works to purchase land and set up a purpose-built security training center. This will allow many more individuals to attend the onsite courses. We hope you have the opportunity to join us at some point.

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