Will Your Family Have Food?

by | 29 April 2023 | Mindset

Few realize how fragile the food supply chain is. We’ve become accustomed to supermarkets having an abundance of our favorite food and beverages. It’s not commonly known that without trucks arriving every day or two to restock the shelves, even the largest supermarkets will start to run out of food after only a few days.

The same is true for water. When we move the handle on our faucet or turn on our shower, we expect that fresh clean water will be available immediately. Few stop to think of how the process of getting water to our homes actually works.

Our food supply chain and the availability of water are not rights. Instead, they are services for which we pay. Any number of circumstances can impact our food and water supplies with little notice. Whether it’s due to a natural disaster or an economic crisis, the seemingly unending supply of food and water can come to a grinding halt before we know it. Are you prepared for such an eventuality?

Two weeks ago today, on April 14, 2023, I received an email message. It was from an acquaintance who lives in Sudan. He asked if I’d heard or seen anything in my security reading or briefings about a possible conflict starting in Sudan. I responded by saying that I had not. Even after searching the Internet using key words, I found nothing about a possible conflict taking place. The next day fighting broke out between the National armed forces and a rival group that wants to take control. Many are calling this a civil war. In just two weeks hundreds have been killed and millions are at risk.

The BBC article shown above was published five days into the fighting. And yet, only two days after the conflict began there were reports that many families were without food or water. They faced a dangerous choice. Should they try to survive without the essentials of life, or should they leave the place in which they were sheltering to struggle against others who were frantically looking for scarce food and water supplies?

Choosing between starvation/dehydration on one hand and risking one’s life to compete with others seeking food and water on the other is a choice that no one should ever have to make. Yet this is a reality during certain crisis situations. Only those who plan ahead and have set aside food, water, medications, and other essentials will have the opportunity to stay within their homes.

Could this happen here? Could circumstances occur that force you to make this life or death decision for your family? We hope not. And yet, with the increasing severity of hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc. one cannot be sure. Moreover, no one knows where the political animosity gripping the United States will lead. If you think about it, many headlines that occur on a regular basis today would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. What will the headlines be in 2024 and beyond?

The point is, many of us have choices right now. Even if you struggle financially, it may be possible for you to set aside a little food and water each week that can be accessed at difficult times. Doing so for several months would make a tremendous difference for your family should something unexpected take place. Storing dry foods in Mylar bags and having several five-gallon water containers set aside can make it possible for you to meet your family’s nutritional needs if the food supply chain is suddenly interrupted.

Among other topics related to what we call “Residence Survival,” we address the issue of having food and water set aside in Topic 01.02.05 of the Panoplia.org online Soft Skills and Tactics (SST) course. In addition, try searching the Web for the term “Long term food storage.” Links to countless resources, some better than others, will be returned.

The initial goal is to set aside enough food and water for your family to remain healthy for one month without leaving your home. Extending this to six months is preferable, and may involve less expense and work than you may initially imagine. Learning vicariously from what others have had to suffer represents great wisdom. Consider starting to prepare now so that in the event that food or water supplies become scarce you will be in a position to help your family, friends, and maybe even a few neighbors.


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