Pre-Crisis Relationships

by | 16 March 2022 | Skills Development

We apologize for missing our normal posting schedule this past week. This may be necessary again in the near term. The crisis in Ukraine has obviously severely impacted millions of people. We are involved in collecting information and advising a number of teams and individuals. For this reason we don’t have a great deal of time for writing. Thank you for understanding.

So far it has been reported that more than three million citizens have fled Ukraine for neighboring countries and beyond. We have been in contact with individuals stationed at various border crossings. They are there to assist evacuees. These individuals noted to us that they were shocked by something that many of the evacuees said to them as they were finally able to cross a border into relative safety. When asked if they needed emergency shelter, many replied by saying something like, “No, we have people waiting to receive us in…, we just needed to cross the border.”

Apparently, a great number of those who chose to leave, at least the initial half million or so, had plans in place before the invasion. They had family, friends, or other contacts ready to receive them in safer areas. This level of preparation took those ready to help at the border by surprise. This is especially surprising given the fact that very few thought that an invasion would actually take place.

This highlights the need and the importance of relationships. As we note in SST Course topics 02.02.04 (Digital Communities) and 02.02.05 (Regional Contacts), the time to build relationships and networks with like-minded individuals is now. Having these relationships of trust in place long before a crisis unfolds is very wise. This allows you to help others, or for others to assist you when and if necessary.

For more information on these concepts, see the SST Course topics noted above. See also the article we posted on 28 July 2021. It’s titled SMGs: Where do You Fit? This article speaks to how Subject Matter Groups can serve to sharpen the skills of all involved. Belonging to such a group often facilitates relationships of trust that can be very helpful in crisis situations. This has been demonstrated numerous times in various locations.

As the crisis in Ukraine continues to rage on, please pray for the people involved and impacted. Please also pray that the bloodshed will end soon, and that the conflict will not spread. Let’s also take this time to learn from those who were prepared for this, and thus are doing better than they otherwise would in these extreme circumstances.


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