SST Course Now Available Online

by | 11 March 2020 | Panoplia Updates

After 1.5 years in development and based on decades of first-hand experience, the Soft Skills and Tactics course is now available online.

The purpose of the Soft Skills and Tactics (SST) course is to help individuals thrive in even the most extreme environments. The focus is on individuals or small teams living or operating with low-visibility and without conventional supply lines or rescue options.

The SST course was developed by two security professionals with more than fifty years of combined experience. They’ve served in low-visibility roles in some of the world’s most challenging locations. This online training is based on an on-site course that prepares individuals for service in extreme environments. Many participants find that the course not only prepares them for their upcoming roles, but offers a mindset that changes their everyday lives as well.

You can review the Key Concepts covered by clicking HERE.

You can register for the SST course at a discounted rate by clicking HERE.


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